Formula Hacks is a beginner-friendly spring hackathon hosted by Freetail Hackers focusing on fast-paced innovation and cars.

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  • March 23 12:30 AM

    Here's the link to our Devpost if you want more information about challenges, prizes, or if you'd like to work on your submission at any time!

  • March 22 5:53 AM

    Menu for the event! Please let us know if you have any issues with dietary restrictions or allergies ASAP in the Discord :) formula-hacks-menu.png

  • March 22 4:50 AM

    Feel free to join our Formula Hacks Discord to find teammates, contact organizers and mentors, and get any help you need.

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  • March 4 6:14 PM

    Registration for Formula Hacks is now open!

  • February 26 9:34 PM

    Pre-registration for Formula Hacks is open!




POB Horse Statue

4:00 PM

from 4:00 PM
to 6:00 PM

Show us your Hacker ID so we can officially mark you in attendance. Get a nametag!

Opening Ceremony

POB 2.302

6:00 PM

from 6:00 PM
to 6:30 PM

Here we will introduce our hackathon!

Hacking Starts


6:30 PM

from 6:30 PM
to 6:30 PM

You can start hacking now 👩‍💻🧑‍💻


Team Matching (Freetail Hackers)

GDC 4.304

7:00 PM

from 7:00 PM
to 8:00 PM

We will facilitate team matching for FormulaHacks. Please join if you don't already have a team and are looking to make one.

Ideation (WiCS)

GDC 4.304

8:00 PM

from 8:00 PM
to 9:00 PM

WiCS will be presenting on how you can brainstorm your hackathon ideas and flesh them out to make an actual project.


GDC 4.304

8:30 PM

from 8:30 PM
to 9:30 PM


Movie Night

GDC 2.216 (Auditorium)

9:00 PM

from 9:00 PM
to 11:00 PM

We will be watching a movie together.

Midnight Snack

GDC 4.304

11:00 PM

from 11:00 PM
to 12:00 AM


Late Check-in

Welch Grand Hallway

8:30 AM

from 8:30 AM
to 10:30 AM

We will be checking in confirmed hackers at this time. Walk-ins will only be accepted if capacity hasn't been hit.


Welch Grand Hallway

9:00 AM

from 9:00 AM
to 10:00 AM


Frontend + React (HACS)

WEL 3.310

10:00 AM

from 10:00 AM
to 11:00 AM

HACS will be presenting on frontend and React.

Sponsor Expo

Welch Grand Hallway

11:00 AM

from 11:00 AM
to 2:00 PM

Our corporate sponsors will be present to speak with hackers


Welch Grand Hallway

12:00 PM

from 12:00 PM
to 2:00 PM


Bob Ross Painting (MLH)

WEL 3.310

2:00 PM

from 2:00 PM
to 3:00 PM

Abdullah from MLH will be hosting a Bob Ross Painting session.

Web Vulnerabilities (ISSS)

WEL 3.310

3:30 PM

from 3:30 PM
to 4:45 PM

ISSS will be presenting on web vulnerabilties, both on how to expose and prevent them.

Hot Snack

GDC 2.216 (Auditorium)

4:30 PM

from 4:30 PM
to 5:00 PM


Keynote Speaker: Sriram Hariharan

GDC 2.216 (Auditorium)

5:00 PM

from 5:00 PM
to 6:00 PM

After you finish hacking, come listen to Sriram's (UTCS ' 21) wisdom! He is an entrepreneur and software engineer with over 10 years of building, shipping, and growing software companies and products from $0 to multi-million dollar valuations. You may know him from OctoShop (purchased by Ibotta), (purchased by, or UT Registration Plus!

Hacking Ends


5:00 PM

from 5:00 PM
to 5:00 PM

All project submissions are due at this time



6:00 PM

from 6:00 PM
to 8:00 PM

Your projects will be judged expo style



GDC 2.216 (Auditorium)

8:00 PM

from 8:00 PM
to 8:30 PM

Channel your inner McCombs!

Closing Ceremony

GDC 2.216 (Auditorium)

8:30 PM

from 8:30 PM
to 9:30 PM

We will recap the hackathon and, of course, present awards!



+ What is Formula Hacks?
+ Where is Formula Hacks?
+ When is Formula Hacks?
+ When is the application deadline?
+ What can I do if I missed the application deadline or got rejected?
+ How much money will this cost me?
+ What’s the schedule?
+ Will there be prizes?
+ Any rules?
+ How do teams work?
+ What should I bring?
+ How do I volunteer?
+ Do y'all give travel reimbursements?
+ I have more questions. Who do I contact?

Challenges Challenges Challenges


Best Overall (Sponsored by CodeCrafters)
Best Novice
Best Pitch
Best Design
Funniest Hack
Best Racing Hack
Capital One Challenge
Roblox Challenge
MLH Challenges
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Our success is fueled by incredible sponsors hosting workshops, job opportunities, prizes, and more.